Cloud computing trends podcast – Hybrid Cloud and Hybrid IT

Hybrid Cloud TheWHIR podcast Subject regarding Cloud infrastructures adoption and usage has been increasingly drawing attention of CXO’s in the latest years simply due to the fact that agility keeps gradually playing greater role in business strategies, and the impact of the line of business in the technology decision making process is also on the upraise. As there is no single solution to all information technology infrastructure needs from either compliance or performance point of view and many legacy investments are still not ready to be written off, businesses actively seek viable ways to increase their agility in these circumstances. Hybrid IT and Hybrid Cloud can be an answer in many cases for businesses which are set on raising their chances on the market and stay on top of their game.
During “The WHIR: Cloud Talks, Episode 8 with Martin Wielomski” together with Cheryl Kemp, content director of the WHIR, we explore Hybrid Cloud / IT and possible opportunities for service providers and businesses alike, while also taking a look at the Cloud adoption trends and recently released revenue numbers from largest global Cloud players.
Listen to our conversation offered in the form of a podcast via The Web Hosting Industry Review (TheWHIR) :

Written By: Martin Wielomski

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